In this group, we believe in continuous and full-scale improvement of our production activity and we’re in constant challenge to adopt the best and most sufficient methods  of production in order to achieve quality and customer satisfaction

Nokameh Food Industries was established in 2019 by Mehrgan Akam Pardis company. This group started its activity by using internal potentials to improve the community health level in the field of salted edible products and has expanded its products in the first year of work. Today, two years after the establishment of this collection and the efforts of expert teams in the field of food ingredients and quality control in the field of product preparation, it has started presenting its products inside and outside the country. This group started its activity from a small shop that has led it to be the first producer of health-oriented and flavored edible salts in Iran, which has now gained the ability to present its products in a wide range of society's tastes
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